GCE Waec English Language Expo 2023

Get verified WAEC GCE English Expo 2023 Runs Questions and Answers – First Series Gce Jan/Feb English Objective and Essay Runz / Waec Gce First Series Wednesday, 1st February English 2023 Answers. 

Waec GCE English Language Expo 2023 > The West African Examination Council, Waec has released the 2023 first series exam timetable, according to the schedule, English Essay, Objective and practical will be written on Wednesday 1st February 2023. 

Waec GCE English Language Expo 2023 – Waec Gce English Runs 2023 / First Series Waec Gce English Questions and Answers 2023/2024 / Waec Gce 1st Series English Language (Runz) Exam. 

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They West African Examination Council, WAEC has been running and this is the mid-week of the exam, many candidates are very lucky to have met us at the starting of this year exam, today, the can attest how good it has been going. As stated in the timetable, today 1st February 2023, WAEC GCE English Objective and Essay plus English Exams will be live and going on in different secondary schools.

Waec GCE English Exam Date 2023

Wednesday, 1st February 2023

English Language 2 (Essay)
9:30am – 11:30am

English Language 1 (Objective)
Gurustab net
11:30am – 12:30pm

English Language 3 (Test of Orals)
2:00pm – 2:45pm

Again, Waec GCE English Language Objective and Essay will be written on the same day with English Language though it’s afternoon paper. Candidates can still subscribe for other paper. 

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About Waec

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is an examination board established by law to determine the examinations required in the public interest in the English-speaking West African countries, to conduct the examinations and to award certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities internationally. Established in 1952, the council has contributed to education in Anglophonic countries of West Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia and the Gambia),  with the number of examinations they have coordinated, and certificates they have issued. They also formed an endowment fund, to contribute to the education in West Africa, through lectures, and aid to those who cannot afford education

Waec Frequently Asked Questions 

Question #1 – How does a person register for a WAEC examinations, for instance, the WASSCE?

Answer: The Council usually advertises entry periods and entry procedures in national newspapers. In respect of the WASSCE for example, the Council conducts two exams each year; the first in May/June for school candidates and the second in October/November for private candidates.
Registration for either May/June or the November/December WASSCE is done through the Internet (online). The May/Ma/June exam is for school candidates and all entry formalities are undertaken by the schools presenting candidates.
In the case of the private candidates’ examination, entry is on an individual basis. A prospective candidate purchases the entry scratch card which enables him/her to complete the entry form on the Council’s registration website-https://www.waeconline.org.ng. A registered candidate subsequently prints out from the website the identification photo card, which contains vital information about the candidate’s centre name, location, number and the subjects entered for. The examination timetable and subject syllabuses are also made available to prospective candidates on the website.

It is important to note that once the prescribed fee is paid to the accredited selling agent, a prospective candidate obtains two scratch cards, one for the online registration and the other for the online checking of results.

Question #2 – What are the entry regulations for the WASSCE Examination?

Candidates are required to enter and sit for a minimum of eight (8) and a maximum of nine (9) subjects. These must include the following :
(i) English Language
(ii) Mathematics
(iii) At least one Nigerian Language (see footnote)
(iv) At least one of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
(v) At least one of Literature-in-English, History and Geography.
(vi) Agricultural Science or at least one vocational subject.

These are the core subjects. In addition to the above, every student must offer any three of the underlisted subjects not already offered as core subjects: Biology, Economics, Physics, Book-Keeping, Chemistry, Typewriting, Further Mathematics, Shorthand, Commerce, History, Geography, Literature-in-English, Agricultural Science, Woodwork, Health Science, Auto-Mechanics, Building Construction, Music, Clothing and Textiles, Art, Christian Religious Knowledge, French, Islamic Studies, Physical Education, Arabic Studies, Government, Metal Work, Applied Electricity, Electronics, Foods and Nutrition, Technical Drawing Home Management.
NOTE: The Federal Ministry of Education has given a waiver in respect of Nigerian Languages during the 2003 examination. This implies that candidates’ entries are valid with or without a Nigerian language for the period of the waiver

Question #3 – Who are those qualified to sit for the WASSCE ?

A. In the case of the school examination, the prospective candidate must be in the SS 3 class in a recognized school,
For the private candidates’ examination, any one of the following categories may enter for the WASSCE:

a. Those who have attempted the WASSCE in previous years;
b. Those who have attempted the GCE and obtained a pass in at least three subjects;
c. Those who have passed the Teachers’ Grade two examination.

Question #4 – Does WAEC prepare candidates for its examinations?

A. WAEC does not prepare candidates for its examinations by establishing secondary schools or tutorial centres, and no such institutions are affiliated to the Council. WAEC provides feedback in the form of Chief Examiners’ Report on candidates’ perofrmance in the various papers for each examination diet, which helps schools and private candidates to prepare adequately for subsequent examinations. The Chief Examiners’ Reports are avialable for sale at the Council’s offices Nationwide

Question #5 – Where are the SSCE and GCE Centers in Nigeria?

SSCE and GCE (Waec) can be taking in schools around the country.

SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Abuja, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Anambra, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Enugu, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Akwa Ibom, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Adamawa, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Abia, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Bauchi, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Bayelsa, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Benue, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Borno, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Cross River, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Delta, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Ebonyi, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Edo, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Ekiti, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Gombe, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Imo, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Jigawa, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Kaduna, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Kano, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Katsina, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Kebbi, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Kogi, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Kwara, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Ilorin, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Lagos, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Nasarawa, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Nigeria, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Ogun, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Ondo, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Osun, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Oyo, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Ibadan, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Plateau, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Rivers, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Sokoto, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Taraba, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Yobe, SSCE & GCE (WAEC) Test Centers in Zamfara.

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