WAEC GCE Jan/Feb Expo 2020/WAEC GCE Jan/Feb Runs 2020/WAEC 1st Series Questions and Answers 2020

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Must ReadJAMB Expo 2020 / JAMB Runs 2020 / JAMB Questions and Answers 2020

Very soon, The West African Examination Council, WAEC will commence online the registration for 1st series exam (WAEC for Private Candidates) also known as January/February exam. As you begin your registration start at point to think and prepare for your success ahead of the exam. Expolegit is always there for your good grades like A’s and B’s. It will take you something more of little sacrifice. We represent our name, we send legit questions and answers to our dear subscribers.

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Delivery Mode – WAEC GCE January/February Questions and answers 2020 will be delivered to you 3 hours to your exam. After extensive experience, we found out that sending Expo, Runs, Chokes 3 hours before the exam is the best.

With our full scale preparation for next exam, it is going to be a great success for candidates who subscribe to us. If you know, you don’t have money to pay for Runs, never contact or chat us.

Note – no payment no Expo, it is not as easy as you think.

WAEC GCE 2020 Approved Subjects

1) General Mathematics
2) Further Mathematics
3) English Language
4) Literature-in-English
5) Hausa
6) Igbo
7) Yoruba
8) Biology
9) Chemistry
10) Physics
11) Agricultural Science
12) Government
13) Economics
14) Geography
15) Civic Education
16) Christian Religious Studies
17) Islamic Studies
18) Financial Accounting
19) Commerce


1) Biology
2) Chemistry
3) Physics
4) Agricultural Science
5) Geography

If you are in need of any of the stated subject above, proceed to make payments for your success.

Payment Modes

  • Bank Deposit
  • Mobile Transfer
  • Recharge Card (MTN)

Choose your favorite payment method and check out the price list of the number of subjects you want to subscribe.

Subjects with Practicals and Price List

9/8 Subjects – N6,000

7/6 Subjects – N5,000

5/4 Subjects – N4,000

3/2 Subjects – N3,000

Per subject – N800 – Objective and Essay

Per Subject – N500 – Practical

How to Subscribe for WAEC GCE January/February Answers 2020.

Send the following after payment :

  • Name
  • Subjects
  • Phone number to 09060948147

If you are paying with MTN Recharge Card, send your name, phone number, subjects and MTN Card Pin to 09060948147

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For enquiries, Call or SMS or What’sApp 09060948147.

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