ABUAD Academic Calendar for 2021/2022

The Afa Babalola University, ABUAD has released the academic calendar for the academic session of 2021/2022. Check out the academic activities below to be well detailed.


1 Fresh Students Resumption
College of Engineering, Monday 20th Sept. 2021
College of Law Tuesday 21st Sept. 2021
College of MHS Wednesday 22nd Sept. 2021
College of Sciences Thursday 23rd Sept. 2021
College of SMS Friday 24th Sept. 2021
2. Orientation Monday, 27th – 29th Sept. 2021
3. Returning Students Resumption Wednesday 29th September 2021
College of Law Wednesday 29th September 2021
College of MHS Thursday 30th September 2021
College of Engineering Saturday 2nd October, 2021
College of Sciences Sunday 3rd October, 2021
College of SMS Monday 4th October, 2021
4. Lectures begin Monday 4th October. 2021
5. Course Registration Mon. 4th – 22nd Oct. 2021
6. Late Registration with Penalty Mon. 25th – Friday 29th October 2021
7. Convocation Thursday, 21st Oct. 2021
8. Christmas Break Wednesday 15th Dec. 2021 –Fri. 7th Jan. 2022
9. Lectures Continue Monday 10th January, 2022
9. Matriculation Friday 21st January, 2022.
10. First Semester Examinations Monday 24th January – Fri. 11th Feb. 2022
11. Marking and processing of Scripts Monday 14th Feb. 2022 – Friday 4th March, 2022.
(b) Departmental Examination Board Monday 7th March, 2022.
(c) College Examination Board Wednesday 9th March, 2022.
(d) Provost Board Meeting – CPDD Friday 11thMarch, 2022.
(e) Senate Meeting Wednesday 16thMarch, 2022.
(f) Online Results Monday 21st March, 2022.


1. Students Resumption Monday 14th February, 2022.
2. Course Registration Monday 14th – 28thFebruary, 2022.
3. Lectures Begin Monday 14th February, 2022.
4. Late Registration with Penalty Tuesday 1st March. – Saturday 5th March. 2022.
5. Second Semester Examinations – (Final Year) Monday 23rd May – Friday 27th May, 2022.
6. Second Semester Examinations all other students Wednesday 25th May – Friday 10th June, 2022.
7. Students’ Vacation Saturday 11th June, 2022.
8. Marking & Processing of Results
(a) Marking of Scripts Monday 13th June – Friday 1st July, 2022
(b) Departmental Examination Board Monday 4th July, 2022.
(c) College Examination Board Wednesday, 6th July, 2022.
(d) Provost Board Meeting – CPDD Friday, 8th July, 2022.
(e) Senate Meeting Thursday 14th July, 2022.
(f) Online Results Monday, 18th July, 2022
(g) End of Session Tuesday, 19th July, 2022

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